Jack D. Davis Jr.

Jack D. Davis Jr. is a humble and outgoing individual who prides himself in his ability to make an impact. He is passionate about mentoring, fostering strong relationships, and giving back to his community. Jack is committed to giving his absolute best in and out of the office, fulfilling the leadership role in many of his circles.

In his professional career as an IT Consultant, Jack engages enterprise customers and partners alike to support the successful and accelerated achievement of their objectives. Through the implementation of Microsoft solutions, he helps automate and streamline processes thereby increasing organizational efficiency. By continuously demonstrating his ability to add value, Jack reestablishes himself as a trusted advisor for many of Microsoft's customers.

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When Jack has down-time from traveling and is not tinkering with new technologies, he secretly is the ultimate chess geek challenging opponents to master his somewhat irregular approach to the game. In exploring his creative side, he toys with electronic instruments blending insane sounds with monstrous melodies from his beautiful San Diego. A self-described novice stock trader, Jack realizes that the fun to be had in the market can help take care of his S.D. bar tab when out with friends.

Jack firmly believes that what takes us furthest in life is our willingness to do. So for those that sit back and watch, look up and enjoy the view.